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Trevor's Sun Tattoo

Trevor's Star Tattoo

The Design

The design is one of mine, view the Sun design.

The Experience, By Trevor

Before he got inked ...
Hey. My name is Trevor and I've been searching for the perfect sun image for my left arm for MONTHS - I'm getting it done this afternoon, and even though I had found something that I really dug (a Mayan sun symbol) I was blown away by your design. The problem is that I'd love to get permission from you to use your art, but I'm getting inked in 3 short hours! Get back to me if you can. If I use your design I'll definitely find some sort of payback. I'm also a web designer and a multimedia guy, so I can send you pix, video or whatever of the tat when it's done.

After he got inked ...
Can't thank you enough! I decided to add the red at the last minute to add more dimension to it - hope you don't mind the alteration. Peace.

ps: let me know if you have any problems with the images. The geartat image was my first one. I designed it to symbolize both my love for cycling on & off-road (http://www.aidsride.org) and my fascination with the sun and the moon. Now my left side is going to be my sun side - my right will be the moon side.... subject to revision!

Ed: Trevor's band has a Web site - check it out at http://www.thelyndales.com

The Photos

I received a few photos from Trevor, click on the thumbnail for a full version.

Trevor's Sun Tattoo 1 Trevor's Sun Tattoo 2 Trevor's Sun Tattoo 3

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