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Steve's Bird Tattoo

The Design

The design is one of mine, view the Bird design.

The Experience, By Steve

Well I got it done on Tuesday, I will get a hold of a digital camera and try and do a better shot of it this weekend. You can put it on the web site if you like. I wrote you a couple weeks ago asking for permission to use the tattoo designs. Thank you.

The artist does not allow other people to observe while that design is in progress so I couldn't give you a step by step. But after placing the tattoo stencil the second time she nailed exactly where I wanted it done. It roughly took about 45 minutes to complete. Probably not even that. The time went rather quickly.

I think my first one on my back was more uncomfortable than this one. I really like it and I am glad you inspired me with your designs. I was searching for a design since last August. I used Photoshop and shrunk the design down to about 450 pixels in height which turned out to be about 4 1/2 inches tall from tip to tip.

A plug goes out to Stacy at Chrome Gardens Tattoo in Gettysburg PA. She is an excellent artist. She has did the work on both my pieces.

Thanks again for your design,


The Photos

I received a few photos from Steve, click on the thumbnail for a full version.

Steve's Bird Tattoo

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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