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Heather's Chartres Labyrinth Tattoo

Andrea's Daisy Tattoo

Larry's Star Tattoo

Kelly's Sun Tattoo

Steve's Bird Tattoo

Nick's Sun Tattoo

Trevor's Sun Tattoo

Nick's Star Tattoo

The Design

The design is one of mine, view the Sun design.

The Experience, By Nick

My name is Nick. I am a student at Ohio State University. I just wanted to let you know that I think your design for the first tribal sun is really cool, and I am thinking about getting it tattooed on my shoulder-blade. I noticed that it was copy-righted and so I figured I would write and ask if it was alright for me to use it. Thanks a lot.


The Photos

I received a few photos from Nick, click on the thumbnail for a full version.

Nick's Sun Tattoo 1 Nick's Sun Tattoo 2 Nick's Sun Tattoo 3 Nick's Sun Tattoo 4

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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