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Heather's Chartres Labyrinth Tattoo

The Design

Our friend Heather came for a visit recently, and decided she was ready to get inked. I worked with her for an evening to get her design finished, a modification of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France. Her story and photos are below.

The Artist

Jay is a local tattoo artist in Denver, Colorado. We're very impressed with his work, we'll be setting up a little section of this site to showcase his portfolio. Let me know if you're interested in getting inked by Jay.

The Experience, By Heather

Though my tattoo has been in the planning for quite some time, at present, I find myself staring directly into the face of what can only be described as being "tied down". I am somewhat reluctant to say goodbye to the luck, luxury and drive that has had me flying by the seat of my pants for the past seven years. No longer are those spontaneous travels, those years off to work and study abroad, that freedom. Encompassing so many aspects of my life, my soul and my past, this tattoo serves as a reminder of where I have come from, what has inspired me and what I am promising myself to always pursue.

A much needed holiday had brought me to Denver to visit my most wonderful friends, Andrea and Christiaan. The timing was perfect and Andrea arranged for the appointment with Jay, a tattoo artist highly recommended by one of her friends. Excited and very ready to be tattooed, I had little idea of what to expect as far as pain goes. I had only ever seen Anje tattooed and she is calmness personified. All I can say is that the worst bits hurt more than I expected them to, but most of it hurt less. Honestly, the worst part was remaining in a crouched position as long as possible, until I was sure my legs were gangrenous. I won't complain though, Jay's comfort was much more important that mine.

The final result? I am so happy with my new decal. Jay's surgeon hands did an amazing job recreating the design in perfect detail. I am also glad that A & C were part of the experience. I love you my chouettes!

"Le veritable voyage de découverte ne consiste pas à chercher de nouveaux paysages, mais à avoir de nouveaux yeux."

-Marcel Proust

The Photos

I've set up a slideshow - click any image to start viewing the show, click through the popped-up images to keep viewing.

Heather's bare back, before we got started. The stencil has been applied, and Jay is ready to start. The first quarter of the outlining is finished.
About half of the outlining is finished. About three fifths of the outlining is finished. An over-the-shoulder view as Jay finishes the outlining.
After a bit of cleanup, the outlining is complete. Jay gets to work on the shading. A view of the tattooing equipment.
The outer ring shading is finished. Almost done with the shading on the inner circle. All done! Taken the next day.

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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