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Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo 2

Bird Tattoo

Celtic Tattoo

Sun Tattoo

Each of the thumbnails above link to an image ready for printing. If you want to get high resolution images or PDFs, please contact me.

Tattoo Designs

Why I Try

Well, after a couple of years wanting a tattoo and not really doing anything about it, I thought I had finally decided on a design. Yeah right. I'd really like to get it on a t-shirt, but not on my skin, which has become the dilemma with most of the designs that I've thought of.

If you'd like to get an idea of how these designs make their progression from my brain to the Web, see the design process.

Tribal Sun

This design has been taken. Kelly Varner is now the proud wearer of this design. Although the pictures she sent me weren't the best ... here's a look at the design.

On that note, I like being unique, and I'm sure she likes it too, so please, do not contemplate this exact design for a tattoo. I would be more than happy to help you design an alternate tattoo.

Tribal Sun Variation

This is a variation of the sun design above, from a freehand sketch that I scanned into the computer and then modified. I guess you can tell that there's a theme developing here. It's all in the search for the design I like enough to have as a tattoo.

Tribal Bird

This grew from the design above as I was working on it. The design is something that evolved quite by accident. In the end, I just saw this as a tribal hummingbird of sorts.

Celtic Knot

This is a design I modified from a children's stencil book on Celtic art, at the request of my wife. She wanted to incorporate a daisy into the final design, but got the daisy tattoo first, and is working on the celtic design now.

Tribal Star

This design is one made especially for Mysteree Helm, who asked me if I could design something with a little more color. I lost track of her before she let me know whether she got it or not, but I did get an e-mail in May 2000 from Larry Carter that he had gotten the Star tattooed on his back. View his tattoo.

If you want to know how this design emerged, click here.

The Future ...

Plans and designs are constantly evolving. More on this as it emerges from the depths of my brain.

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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