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Current Ink

While I'm still sporting virgin flesh, I have had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with friends and see them tattooed with some input from my designs. I've also catalogued the e-mails and photos from people who have gotten my designs inked. The tattoo gallery is alive!

I firmly believe that getting a tattoo is a journey, and I hope to share that journey with you. Which bring me to ...

Future Ink

To give you an update, I'm working with a local artist to finish the design for two tattoos. One is a Canadian maple leaf to go on my chest, it's in the tradition of many Canadian Olympic athletes, first started by Alex Bauman, a swimmer in the 1980s. I may have lived in the U.S. for 13 years, but I'm a Canadian at heart.

The other is a sleeve/band design for my left arm. I've had strong feelings about dragons for a while now, I'm looking at a design revolving around the theme of the earth dragon from the Chinese Zodiac. I may not have been born one, but dragons have held a fascination for me and I really do fit a lot of aspects of the earth dragon personality.

Tattoo Design

I'm going to expand the design gallery as I have time. Now that I'm collaborating a bit with a local artist, I hope to get more design done.

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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