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My Tongue

In February, 1997 I got my tongue pierced with a 10 ga. SSS barbell. Since it wasn't my first piercing, and my wife-to-be had already had hers done, I never really got around to properly documenting the experience. As best as I can remember, here it is.

The Experience

My girlfriend (now wife) and I were dealing with the stupidity of a long distance relationship, when it was announced to me that the next time we saw each other, Andrea would have a surprise for me. When she finally came to visit me, I was pleasantly surprised with her tongue piercing. I decided that I should get one too.

So, one Saturday in February, I visited the good folks at Bound By Design on Colfax in Denver. The piercing itself wasn't all that painful, much less than getting my nipples pierced, and hardly any blood. The healing during the next week wasn't too bad, but the constant dull pain was annoying at times. I've never had any problems with it, although I have had occasional soreness because of overstimulation.

The Photos

My Tongue, Top View My Tongue, Straight-On View My Tongue, Bottom View

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