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My Nipples

I was one of those kids that always wanted a tattoo, but didn't really think about it much in high school, etc. because I just wasn't the type. When I got to college, and started meeting real people, as opposed to the fake people I went to high school with (private school can be so tedious), I started liking the idea more and more, just because I realized I could be me, as opposed to an unnoticed member of the flock.

Anyway, in March of 1994, my girlfriend at the time, who had numerous ear piercings and her navel pierced, expressed a desire to get her nipple pierced. I hadn't really been exposed to body piercing before that, and the thought struck me that I wouldn't mind getting my nipple pierced while I was still deciding on what kind of tattoo to get. It was the week of her birthday, so the weekend after, as a birthday present to her, and an unbirthday present to me, we went and had it done. It was my first piercing of any kind, and was definitely not the last. It's a piercing I really enjoy, and I've never regretted it for a second.

The Story, Left Nipple

One warm, sunny day in April, 1994, I finally made the decision to get my left nipple pierced. So, on April 14, 1994, with my girlfriend at the time, I made the trip to downtown Denver, and entered the Emporium of Design, at 2028 E. Colfax. I chose a 16 ga. niobium ring with a hematite ball, and she chose a 14 ga. SSS ring. She went first, and squeezed my hand hard enough to convince me that she was in some pain.

After she was done, I climbed into the chair, strangely reminiscent of those in a dentist's office. After a topical disinfectant, and marking the entry and exit holes with a pen, he clamped my nipple, and in what seemed like a fraction of a second, jammed the needle through, hooked on the ring, pulled it through, closed it on the ball with a pair of pliers, and lathered on some Vaseline. Then he told me that it was ok to breathe again.

I left with an exhilarated feeling, and a very unique sensation in my chest. Sitting on the sidewalk, in the sun, cigarette in hand, somehow, life had changed.

The Story, Right Nipple

By March, 1996, I had became very comfortable with my nipple piercing, but felt that I needed balance. I went back to the Emporium of Design and got my right nipple pierced with a 14 ga. niobium captive bead ring. Since the piercer would not to match the 16 ga. ring in my left nipple, I had my left nipple stretched to 14 ga. to match the new piercing.

The Photos

My Right Nipple Piercing My Left Nipple Piercing

The End Of It All?

On a sad note, now that I have updated pics of my nipple piercings, they've been removed. After seven years, the left nipple piercing has decided to mirgrate. I may replace them with vertical nipple piercings in a few months, we'll see.

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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