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My Piercings

Here's the synopsis, details are on the appropriate gallery page.
  • April, 1994   I get my left nipple pierced. 16 ga. niobium captive bead ring. Almost on a whim, but never regretted for a moment.
  • March, 1996   I get my right nipple pierced. 14 ga. niobium captive bead ring. Left nipple stretched to 14 ga. to match the right one.
  • February, 1997   I get my tongue pierced. 10 ga. SSS barbell. My wife had hers done over Christmas, I didn't want to miss out on the fun.
  • March 4, 2001   I remove both my nipple piercings (see why).
  • Since then ...   If you're interested, let me know. See reasons below.
I think that the impending change of season from winter to spring has something to do with it ... a resurgence of life. Put simply, a time where the winter doldrums are traded in for summer fun.

The Gallery

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On Pain

I've gotten to writing about pain, so read about my thoughts on pain.

On Being Different

I've always wanted something on the outside that would show people that I'm different on the inside. I like that people think I'm freaky. Overall, I'm comfortable with who I am, and when I see people that are comfortable with me, I know we'll get along.

Erotic versus eccentric ...

I can definitely say that I didn't get my nipples pierced for the erotic aspect, it was more of a jewelery thing. I've had fun with them, but I was never inclined to stretch them into 4 ga. flesh tunnels. I like my piercings more because it makes people think twice about me

Reasons Below

I am comfortable with who I am, but with the visits this site gets from my family, friends and co-workers, I have limited the public content of this section. If you wish to see the private galleries, let me know.

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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