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Andrea, circa 1995

On her parents' doorstep, circa 1996

On our wedding day, July 11, 1999

The Love Of My Life

I once thought that there may not be anyone out there for me. I entertained this thought through several failed relationships, and wondered if I would ever find happiness. How could there be anyone out there like me? Never have I been proven so wrong.

There are events in a person's life that carry great significance. My introduction to Andrea was one of those moments.

The Story

In May of 1996, one of my mother's good friends mentioned that her granddaughter was coming to visit from Winnipeg, Manitoba. After a short conversation, it turned out that we were near the same age, and had some of the same interests (all I heard was purple hair and body piercing - sounded good to me). Thus, it was arranged that I would show her the 'town' when she came, so she wouldn't be stuck with her grandparents for the whole week.

My Mom Sets Me Up

A normal Saturday night, a few regular friends, some beer, nothing big planned. I picked her up shortly before 8 p.m. Nose stud, slip dress, combat boots. Not your average private high school fare, nor your average hippie college fare. One of those unwritten attractions. She's nice, but you dare not hope. After all, her grandparents have entrusted you with her safety. We go downtown, to Old Chicago's, and meet up with a few friends. Very sedate. Problem. We're like peas in a pod. And we're not having nearly as much fun as we could be. Solution. Modeans, a dance club right across the street. I toss a friend a few bucks for the cover charge. "Come get us when you want to leave."

We Dance

Impulse. We go to Modeans. Rage Against the Machine. NIN. New Order. Pulses. Throbbing. We get a drink. Sipping. "Wanna dance?" She slams her drink, and I follow suit. We dance. Pulses. Throbbing. Eyes. Contact. Hips. Contact. Souls. Contact.

The Rest of the Week

We spent the rest of the week together, as much as I could with having to work. It was evil. Wake at 8 a.m. Work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pick up Andrea. Do stuff. Drop her off by 5 a.m. Sleep 2 hours. Repeat.

Life Sucks

She's here to visit. Which means she has to go back. The countdown begins. Life sucks. We have to say goodbye. Life really sucks. We cry. She flies back.

We call each other every other day. Letters, mix tapes. When will we see each other again? Plans. Are we crazy?

Life Gets Better

I am sent to visit our Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary offices to do some routine computer maintenance. I can plan a side trip to Winnipeg. 8 days. More vacation than I've had in a year.


2 weeks and 125 hours of work. Think, not feel. I arrive in Winnipeg. Heaven. Feel, not think. We are. The time flies. I have to leave this time, not her. We cry again.

3 Years Go By ...

We're in Denver. For a while. Going on 12 months living together, with a 2 1/2 month trip to Europe thrown in for good measure. Fun fun fun. And we still have the T-bird. And the sun.

We Get ... Married!

We got married in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on July 11, 1999. You may view the details. We moved to Denver in the fall of 1999, and have been living there since.

Andrea Gets Inked

Andrea now has a tattoo, and we're planning for more!

Warning: Open Mind Inside

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