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Xiaan explained: My name is Christiaan - and you've all seen Christmas shortened to Xmas. You make the connection. I'm not religious, I just liked the idea of a 5-letter domain name.

How do you say it? Zey-ann ...

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April 28, 2005

I'm not dead, just getting a Ph.D. in mathematics. These are my URL ABCs:

July 05, 2002

I'm moving the site to a new ISP in preparation for a major overhaul to the site's architecture. The List and Links will be served from a database, making everything easier to update and manage. I'll let you know when it's done!

October 25, 2001

Well, it's obvious that I need to work on some more designs; most of them have been inked! I don't have a lot of spare time, but if you would like me to design something for you, let me know.

I'm still on track to get my tattoos done, we've also completed a design on a new tattoo for Andrea, and I'm going to take the time to finish the design for my maple leaf tattoo.

I recently stumbled upon some celtic dragon designs that intrigued me, more as it emerges from my brain. I'm also working on increasing the site functionality, more in the next few weeks.

The following quote is a permanent fixture on this page, thanks to Tatrat, wherever he went to. He may be gone, but his words live on!

"At eighty, I think what I shall regret are the things I always wanted to do and never did; the experiences I denied myself because I was too concerned about others' opinions, or too anxious for their approval; but I think I would regret most a life wasted living as someone who was not me..."
Get something pierced - it's beautiful!

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